A new wellness model for the consulting world

ARGOGRA offers diverse skills and solutions with a focused approach to trandisciplinarity, balancing creativity and efficiency.

It was born as Club, the summation of a collective effort, without any concern about the outcome of the operation but acting positively on the sensibility of each Actor. We worked on the fluid construction of a dense relationship of trust and reciprocity. The nature of relationships knows no impositions; it needs rhythms and spaces that are beyond rational minds but must manifest in the relaxation of a regular beat. Time is needed, and the heart cannot be commanded.

It is freedom of thought which provides the creative support through which inspiration flows and the doors of the heart open. We started out as a group of friends meeting putting the meaning of life at the center to rethink how human beings can understand it and evolve it in the world of work. We found ourselves unencumbered by short-term goals and performance; if we had put the Company Profiles of individual Companies at the center-with the intent of having an immediate benefit from them-we would have failed immediately. Instead, we cultivated our passions by devoting ourselves to what we enjoy most. Working like this, for the sake of it enjoying every slight improvement, results are sure to come.

The Club addresses the need to build a sustainable model for small- to medium-sized consulting firms, represented by a Increasing difficulties in competing in an increasingly globalized, polarized and converging world market and is a viable alternative to the decision to remain alone or sell the business. Preserving craftsmanship, attention to quality and care for people is the goal of Club.

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