Corporate Bodies

The functions and responsibilities of each Social Body associated with each role.

The functioning of the Social Organs is essential for the proper governance of a business network to ensure the success of the organization.


The Management Committee is responsible for the management of the Network and the implementation of its program, with authority to carry out all operations of an ordinary and extraordinary nature. The Management Committee, in particular:

  • Drafts the annual statement and report on the performance of the Network program and the measurement of progress in the pursuit of the strategic objectives of innovation and raising the innovative capacity of the participants, to be submitted to the Adherents;
  • Checks whether the conditions for new enterprises to join the Network are met and decides on their acceptance;
  • Deliberates on the exclusion of Network Member Enterprises where the conditions are met;
  • Also at the request of the Member Firms, if any, it shall deliberate on any amendment to the Contract;
  • Resolves the necessary contributions for the implementation of specific projects that may be supported and financed even by only some of the Network Member Enterprises, indicating the necessary economic resources to be requested from the directly interested Member Enterprises;

Provides planning and reporting for the purpose of participation in calls for project funding and grant awards;


The Scientific Committee is the liaison body between the consulting needs of end companies and the enabling skills present among member companies.

To this end it consists of:

  • Market sector experts (to be identified preferably from outside the network);
  • Experts on current and future network expertise (to be identified from within and outside the network).

The task of the Scientific Committee is to draw up strategic sector plans functional to the definitions of investments in enabling skills to be developed by member companies in order to raise the level of innovation and competitiveness. Strategic market sectors for Network companies are defined annually by the Management Committee in consultation with member companies.


Il Comitato delle Politiche Etiche svolge le seguenti funzioni:

  • Programming a cultural project for the benefit of member companies inherent in the application of the principles set forth in the Manifesto and the Charter of Values;
  • Definition of a monitoring model based on non-financial indicators (ESG model) addressing the principles defined in the Manifesto and the Charter of Values;
  • Verification of adherence of corporate policies of individual member companies to the value system defined by the Network;
  • Alignment over time of the Manifesto and Charter of Values to new requirements that will gradually become qualifying;


The Committee of Wise Men shall perform the function of settling disputes that have arisen between the Parties themselves in relation to network relations and between the Parties and the Network without any special procedural formalities, subject as of now to the unappealability of the decision rendered.

  • Disputes may be formally referred by interested parties to the Committee of Wise Men.
  • The request should contain a broad statement of the facts in dispute and should be sent to both the Committee and the parties involved.
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