Established in 2021 under the new law on the Third Sector inherits a 20-year tradition of educational, outreach and counseling activities guided by the principle that ethics constitutes a defining characteristic of human beings. Assoetica APS is registered with RUNTS and is a member of ASVIS.

Assoetica meets ARGOGRA and together propose to both Club member companies and the market – in collaboration with Club companies – a pathway that starting from the in-depth analysis of thecorporate identity leads to define a project of management sustainability and compliance with regulations such as the recent European CSRD directive – Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.

We propose reporting approaches and models that have as their first logical and methodological prerequisite the analysis and understanding of the specific business reality in order to be able to produce results that are both in adherence to international standards and useful to indicate the company’s line of strategic evolution. Only in this way is addressing sustainability a valuable opportunity for business growth, rather than an “external constraint.”

  • The first phase of analysis centered on corporate identity and business model leads as a result to a Charter of Values that makes explicit corporate values, planning, management and organizational improvement commitments oriented by sustainability criteria. The analysis is conducted in a way that allows the definition of parameters of measurability specific to each business reality.
  • The second phase is focused on the process analysis to check its consistency with the business purpose and related implementation strategy. Guiding criterion adopted is theintegrated thinking which organically considers the interaction and trade-offs between different aspects of the organization and strategy. The definition of specific KPIs leads to the production of an Integrated Report< IR> according to the framework IIRC.
  • The third phase is the natural evolution of the work accomplished in the first two phases. The process leads to the development of a regulatory-compliant Sustainability Report. Companies not reached by the mandatory extension provided by the November 2022 CSRD can also on a voluntary basis prepare the Report.

The proposed approach includes the possibility of modulating interventions and different phases of work to make them compatible with the needs and concrete possibilities of each company.

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