Charter of Values

A statement identifying the principles and beliefs of the People of the Club



Making their own the need, the need for people to relate in a socio-professional context in which being perceived authentically, truly and sensitively can make relationships in the Club unique and constantly helpful.

The Club, also by ethical choice, listens to others in their ideas, emotions, decisions and indecisions, doubts and fears, feelings and desires for growth, improvement. Tuning with employees and all Stakeholders is the driver of the organization.

listening, proactivity toward individuals and the organization, must prevail over any other general or associational interests. The Club is the physical/virtual place where answers, or otherwise attention, is found for members’ needs.

We come alongside our associates to listening to and emotionally understanding their needs and changes in professional and personal spheres.
Growth and improvement is the goal of what we do to strengthen the sense of belonging to the Club.

Predisposition and willingness to understand needs, interests, emotions and values of the Associate, in order to establish a deep, sincere and lasting relationship. It is manifested through mutual listening that is attentive, active, purposeful, and consistent in solutions, and that allows one to empathize with others’ expectations.

EMPATHY, understood as understanding others’ behaviors, can be considered a fundamental “relational ability”.


Declaring readiness to cope with changes through study, cultural insights and global openness. Making an innovative approach to issues concrete by considering work and personal contexts. Be able to develop social groups that interact with each other resulting in assessable and tangible outcomes.

The Club has a wealth of distinctive expertise serving all stakeholders. Those of the people who work in member companies. Using and leveraging this know-how and experience helps generate economic, social and cultural value for all stakeholders.

Knowledge along with experience and vision of the future represent the added value that the consultant provides to businesses and civil society.

Acquired and consolidated over time by achieving authority to deal with, judge, and resolve arguments. Organization, knowledge, reliability and innovation are the levers of interaction among members.

Ability to put the best knowledge, professionalism, skills and experience available to Associates so as to be a concrete reference point for their needs.

COMPETENCE, contains EMPATIA and RESPONSIBILITIES that belong to the individual’s personal rather than technical area, his history, his experiences, his analytical skills, and his emotional area.




Facing the countless daily challenges with balance and courage transmitting confidence always and in every case. Concretely taking care of “things” by building a modus operandi in the relationship among members and within working groups that helps professional and cultural progress.

The Club acts responsibly in daily behaviors that can produce effects and have implications at all levels. The transparency, fairness, fulfillment of commitments, and recognition of all Club Stakeholders are guiding values of responsible action. The Club acts with a broad and generalized accountability that, starting from the mission and values, seeks the participation of members and all collaborators. A full-range ethical acting that develops trusting relationships and consolidates high-value relationships.

The exercise of decision-making power, large or small, presupposes responsible awareness of the impact actions will have on the Club, on member companies, on relationships, on people.

Consistent with its commitment to members, the Club intends to ensure the quality of services offered, taking responsibility for living up to that commitment and recognizing the crucial importance of one’s role.

Aptitude of each member of the Club to take full ownership of its decisions and actions, both institutional and associational, reporting on results and imbuing the Club with a deep spirit of accountability.

In the world of work and particularly consulting, not only for management roles, one can translate RESPONSIBILITY into “being able to make commitments” and “keep your word“. This also presupposes or includes two other concepts: TRUST and CORRECTNESS.


To be an Ambassador of a lifestyle that considers acting for development and common welfare.

To be “people of the Club,” associates and collaborators, is to feel proud to belong to an Organization that contributes to the country’s socio-economic development. A community that puts the strength of the collective in the service of the individual. A community that unites around what it has in common (stories, shared values…). It does not require uniformity of views, but recognition of what is common: that is, what grounds the community.

It is not a generic group of people that creates a community but the set of relationships, constraints, goals and common interests that govern their existence.

The spirit of association is fueled by shared interests, roles and professional culture. An association recognizable through the values and common interests that it embodies in all professional and representative contexts.

Set of Consultants who share personal interests, values and goals, united by a strong sense of belonging to a reference category and voluntarily choosing to live a common path of social, cultural, professional relationships.

The term COMMUNITY, understood as set of people who share both professional and personal behaviors and interests, is the result of the concrete sharing of values such as EMPATHY, RESPONSIBILITY and COMPETENCE.




Have the ability to “explore” new territories. To seek, through constant personal and team efforts, new ways considering thattomorrow will present great and new challenges/opportunities. Ensuring a necessary balance between the old and new generations. Carefully evaluate the “speed” imparted by the socio-economic environment.

The Club, which brings together the history and experience of its members, lives in the present and is projected into the future. Curiosity, innovation, dynamism, proactivity and questioning the staus quo are the drivers that drive continuous improvement and shared development.

“Most of all I remember the future,” Salvador Dali used to say, but this is often not the case; we lose sight of the fact that an organization’s reputation, a sense of belonging to a community, is nothing more than the emerged part of an iceberg in which the future is at the center of every reflection, every project, every decision.

The ability to resourcefully imagine and discover how adapt, interact with the changing environment and the emergence of new needs for the Club and its members.
Being a vanguard.

Every strategic decision of the Club must also look at building its future, short and long term, following or anticipating the trends taking place in the world of work, society, and in the lives of the Members, without stopping at the successes of the present but constantly renewal-oriented.

The future is the Club’s core value; it defines its very existence. Give perspective and tools for the future of members, their professionalism, their prosperity and happiness, of role in work and society.

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